Make Implants a Reality With a Sinus Lift

A sinus lift procedure is a type of bone graft especially for the upper jaw. It is needed when the bone on your upper jaw isn’t thick enough to support dental implants. Teeth roots stimulate the jawbone to keep it healthy. When you’ve been missing teeth for a while, it is natural for the jawbone to deteriorate and get weaker.

With sinus lift surgery:

  • Your dentist will raise the sinus floor.
  • Then he’ll place either donor bone or synthetic bone material there.
  • This causes the jaw to produce new bone cells.
  • In a few months, your jaw will be strong enough for implants in the area where the sinus lift was performed.

We can then place your implants and, after a healing period, attach new replacement teeth to them. If you’re having an All-on-4® procedure done, you may be able to get your new teeth at the same time your implants are placed. We’ll be happy to go over all your options during your consultation and see if you’re a good candidate for this innovative procedure.

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