Get a New Smile With All-on-4 Treatment

All-on-4 is one of the most exciting innovations to come along in dental implants. This procedure allows us to attach a full arch of new teeth to your upper jaw, lower jaw, or both. We’ll use just four strategically placed implants per arch. The two implants in the front are placed vertically, while the rear implants are placed at angles. This technique:

  • Requires less healthy jawbone to fuse with, so you can likely avoid a bone graft
  • Creates a stable foundation for new teeth using fewer implants
  • Takes less time than other full-mouth implant treatments, since fewer implants are used
  • Often costs less than other full-mouth restorations with implants

We’ll plan out your procedure using the latest dental technology. Our 3-D cone beam CT scanner takes images of your mouth. Then we’ll follow a computer-guided placement procedure to make sure that each implant is inserted exactly where it needs to go. After placing the implants, we’ll attach a set of new teeth to them.

In most cases, you’ll leave with new temporary teeth the same day. You’ll be able to bite, chew, and smile immediately. Once your final restorations are ready, you’ll return to have them placed. All-on-4 gives you all the benefits of dental implants, with fewer implants and a less invasive placement procedure.

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