Regain a Beautiful Smile With a Bone Graft Procedure

We all want to have the best looking smile we can. However, if you’re missing teeth, particularly near the front of your mouth, that’s tough to do. Our dentists here at Kutsch Dentistry both place and restore dental implants to give you back your teeth. However, implants need sufficient bone tissue to bond with, through a process called osseointegration. Missing teeth can lead to bone loss, making it necessary to perform a bone graft procedure to make your jawbone healthy again.

That’s no problem for our dentists! Both Dr. Carson Kutsch and Dr. Devin Bowyer can perform this treatment to make implants a reality for you. They will use either donor bone or synthetic bone material, placing it on your jawbone to stimulate the growth of new bone cells. You’ll be able to relax during your procedure with a choice of three sedation options, if you’d like.

Soon, your jaw will be ready for implant placement. Once your implants have healed and you’ve gotten replacement teeth, you’ll enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile again. Your dentists can restore implants with:

  • A dental crown, to replace one missing tooth
  • A bridge, to fill a gap left by several missing teeth
  • Dentures, to replace a full arch of teeth in your upper jaw, lower jaw, or both jaws

To find out more about Albany bone grafts from Kutsch Dentistry, call us today at 541-248-1549. You can also schedule online.